This week, I have been cleaning and studying like a mad woman.

No Bones… no hanging out on the couch with Luvy…  Why you might ask??

Luvy has been in Chicago all week long!!  I have missed him so bad!  He is coming home tomorrow!!

I ate an entire box of cereal in one day because I miss my Luvy.  I’m an emotional eater…

He (and several other chaperones) took 39 high school and middle school students to Chicago on a mission trip during their spring break!  They are a bunch of brave souls!!  I usually go with them, but our office is open this year for spring break.  I’m kinda bummed I can’t be there.  Especially considering the church is right next to my favorite restaurant, the Chicago Diner.

I had lots to scrub while Luvy was gone.  My jar of capers fell off the shelf, and spilled in the bottom of the refrigerator.  

See the yucky spill??  It was in need of a bath!

Now, it is all organized and clean!

I also scrubbed the floors, bathrooms, dusted, and did some other odd and end jobs.

The house is sparkly clean for Luvy to come home!!

I’m very ready for him to come home, because I have been eating for two while he has been gone.  (No I’m not pregnant!!)  I don’t know how to cook for 1 person.  I’ve just been gorging myself, because I’ve been trying to clear out the fridge.  No joke, I have gained 3 lbs while he has been gone.

He hasn’t been eating so well this week either.  One night, they had hot dogs and pretzels for dinner!!  Oh my…

Also, I haven’t been sleeping so well while he has been gone.  I hear everything!!  I think I have only gotten 4-5 hours of sleep each night.  Luvy has been sleeping on a hard floor in a sleeping bag all week.  He wins!

Come home Luvy so we can whip ourselves back in shape!!


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