He’s Back!


He got in yesterday afternoon.  As soon as he got in, we had to drive to Lexington to take back the rental van.

We didn’t get it back until close to 8pm, so we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner.

I couldn’t eat the regular pizza because it has soy, so we had to get the gluten free.

It was piled high with veggies, just the way we like it!  They have Daiya cheese there!!!  The crust was thin and not too tasty, but I didn’t care.  I was with Luvy.

Since Luvy hadn’t slept much all week, we decided to sleep in.  I woke up around 8.  By 8:45 I couldn’t lay in bed any longer, so I snuck out of bed.  I did some homework, made granola, and talked to my dad.  Luvy finally emerged around 11am!!!!

He was exhausted!  Poor thing.

So, we had “brunch” at noon.

Luvy brought me home Caribou Coffee!!!  He made a pot this morning.

It was delightful, especially served in my Caribou Coffee mug!!

I made buckwheat muffins!

Plus fruit.  Lots of fruit.

I had to get Luvy eating healthier.  No hot dogs and pretzels in this house!

We hung out all day, and it was great.

For dinner, we made a very green and healthy meal.

Grilled salmon on a cedar plank (that caught on fire!)

Grilled vegetable skewers.  

Plus, green beans with garlic.  This best part was the lemon spinach and tomato base I made for the salmon!  YUM!!

I made my salmon with a new seasoning I picked up today at Meijer.  Luvy put Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning on his.  His was the best!

Tonight, we walked around the neighborhood and now we are off to relax.

Having Luvy home is bittersweet, however.

Our brother-in-law, Matt, left yesterday for Kuwait.  Please be praying for my sweet sister-in-law, Jennifer, and their beautiful family while Matt is gone.  Pray for God’s protection for Matt and his family while he is away.

We love you Matt, Jennifer, Jordan, Joshua, McKenna, and Laura.


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