Eda’s Mommy

AHH!  We are so busy!  🙂

One of these days, we are going to be able to take it easy and do nothing…  What is the retirement age again??

I need to be here… my special place.

We are just busy-bodies.  No matter where we are, we find something to busy ourselves with.  Maybe this will keep us young in the future??

Today, I had a great conversation with a friend, and she wants to know more about how to build a healthy pizza.  Be looking next week for that post.

This past week, I took a break from adding in foods I am allergic to because my face looked like a pubescent teen.

Today was the day I have been waiting on for 6 months..  I added in soy!

I REALLY hope it works for me, because soy is in everything and all restaurants cook with it.  It is the thing I am the most reactive to on my LEAP testing, so I’m interested to see how my body reacts.

Luvy went to the grocery for us today, and found Eda’s Mommy!

I love getting text messages from him while I’m working late.  He sent me a text today that said he found Eda’s Mommy at the grocery store.

I was clueless…  after some hints I figured out that he had found the edamame that I sent him to get!!  Edamame is soy beans.

Nerd…  but he’s my nerd..

It was great way to add in soy.  I love edamame in stir fry!!

Luvy started on spring cleaning today by cleaning the ceiling fans and light globes.  I love him!

Off to bed.  We have an early morning, plus Mom and Mike are coming tomorrow!!

See you all tomorrow night with Mom and Mike!  Are there any other recipes or meals you all want me to healthify for you all??


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