Double Trouble

Mom and Mike are here!

The awful rain that we were supposed to get held off.  Thank goodness!

As soon as they got here, the presents started flowing!  We had gotten them some goodies from when we went to Peru.  This was the first time we had seen them since Christmas!!!

Mom gave me my grandmother’s trivet that I love.  It isn’t the prettiest thing to most people, but to me… it is priceless!  

We are cat lovers in this family.

Mom and Mike also got Luvy and I this awesome plate!

Read closer….  isn’t it awesome?!?!  

Okay, so Kentucky isn’t THAT bad… but I LOVE the plate.

I may have to hide it at get togethers.  I don’t want it to “accidentally” get broken.  🙂

Mom and I went hard to work making 2 pizzas.  We should have just made one…  oopsy.  Anyone need a pizza??

Mom brought up her large stone with handles… She better be careful.  It may get “accidentally” left.

Meanwhile, “the men” went to the “manly” place, Home Depot.  They picked us up some ceiling fans that we have been wanting to install in the spare rooms for 3 years!

Right now, they are hard at work putting them up.  Mom and I are sipping tea… we worked hard on dinner!

I’m SOO glad they are here!!  So glad that we put them right to work!  😉

Who wants to come visit next??  I still have spring cleaning to do!


One thought on “Double Trouble

  1. Hi Brittany,
    What a great picture of you and your Mom!
    I have enjoyed keeping up with you on your blog. Keep up the good work. I love the recipes and all the pictures. Take care Honey and say Hello to everyone for me. Kristin is getting married in six months. We are trying to sell our house and downsize since no one will be living with us soon. Boo Hoo! Ryan is thinking about culinary school in Scotsdale Arizona. I have been following Emily Malone for some good vegetarian recipes. Love ya,

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