Bunny Love

I can see the finish line!!

After Sunday, I will be finished for the semester.  I am not taking a summer class, so I will get a nice long break!

I’m so very excited.

Mama Pea saved the night again at our house.  I’m starting to think that Luvy might not want my food again after eating so many of Mama Pea’s ‘recipeas’.  🙂  It’s a good thing her cookbook is coming out soon.  I have already pre-ordered mine!

I threw her Spicy African Peanut Stew in the crockpot at lunch and let it cook away.

The only thing that I changed is that I added 3.5 cups of broth and an extra can of fire-roasted tomatoes.  Luvy and I LOVE fire-roasted tomatoes!

I garnished ours with peanuts.  It was so good I ate 3 bowls!

Tonight, the Easter bunny made an early appearance at our house.

Luvy’s basket contained a new shirt and tie for Easter Sunday, Snickers eggs, and peanut M&M’s.  He is set on junk food for a while.

The bunny brought me a food scale that I have desperately been wanting for months!

It is going to make it SO much easier to make breads and pastries now.  So many bread and baking recipes call for so many grams of flour/sugar/etc.  I was doing my best to guess, but now… the guessing is over!

He also brought me a new collapsible funnel.  Some bunny used my other one to change the oil in the car.  Who could that be??  😉

Plus, toast tongs!  My toaster ALWAYS eats my toast, and I come away with burnt fingers and/or hands.  Bring it on toaster!

I think the bunnies did well this year.

Off to cuddle with my bunny on the couch and watch American Idol!

Does the Easter bunny still visit you?


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