Fast as Lightin’

We are getting WAY too much rain here!!

I’m going to need a boat to get to work here soon.

Luvy rushed home today to try to beat the rain and mow our yard (jungle).

He just mowed the other day, but because of all the rain it is growing like crazy!

I think Mother Nature had it out for him today, because it started to rain right when he got home.  😦  Geeze.

He did help me clean the house though.  That was a welcome surprise!!

To thank him, I made pizza with pesto.  Luv + Pesto = tummy ache.  Boo!!  No more pesto for me!

It stopped raining for a bit after dinner, so we were sneaky and planted a few plants that Luvy’s parents gave us.

We had to be quick– the rain was a comin’.  We are supposed to get bad storms tonight.  If it is like the last time, we will sleep right through them AND the tornado warning siren.  Oops.

Luvy dug the holes for the plants.

I scooped dirt and made them pretty…kinda.

Luvy was digging and he hit something hard.  I was afraid he had hit something important, but it ended up being a brick laying tool!  

We have found so much stuff buried in our yard!!  Bricks, a saw blade, cinder blocks, and now a brick laying tool.  Messy builders!

GREAT NEWS!  I am officially finished with school for the semester!!  My camera is also making its way home as we speak.. sorry again for me blurry pictures!

Are any of you sick of the rain???  COME SUMMER COME!


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