Making Music

My knee pain is getting better!!

Thank goodness.  I didn’t think that shot was worth it for a while.  My knee hurt worse after the shot than before I went to the doctor!!  On Tuesday, I could barely walk.  

It felt much better after I stretched it out and walked some.  Now, it is still touchy, but I’m able to do pretty much anything on it.

I can’t wait to try out running again!

Luvy and I went by the seminary today to get my Shield Card.  That is the seminary ID.  We have been married for 3 years almost, and I’m just now getting a card!  Oopsy.

I think I look goofy in all ID’s like that.  🙂

The seminary is always beautiful.  It is especially beautiful this spring!

The Towery’s (as in Ken Towery’s Tire and Autocare) paid to have Towery Plaza put in here at the seminary.  It is gorgeous!  

The great lawn makes me want to lay out a blanket, have a picnic, and take a nap in the sunshine!

Even though it is so beautiful, there is a gloom around the campus right now.

One of Luvy’s professors, Chip Stam, has been battling cancer (non-hodgkin’s lymphoma) for a long time now.  Stam was a professor of worship and church music.  He passed away this past Sunday.  Ironically, it was the same day as Usama Bin Laden.  Dr. Brand (@ChadOwenBrand) wrote on his twitter page:  “Irony.  A great soul (Chip Stam) and Satanic soul (Usama Bin Laden) have met the Lord the same day.  I suspect they were different meetings.”


I don’t have to suspect.  I KNOW they were different meetings.  Praise the One who saves my soul!!

Unlike Bin Laden, Professor Stam brightened any room and touched so many lives during his time here on earth.  Luvy was reminiscing his time spent with Professor Stam today.  When Luvy first moved here, he had a really tough time.  Professor Stam really showed an interest in Luvy, and Luvy was able to talk to Professor Stam about several things.

The seminary and our community lost a very dear and loving man.  He loved his students, and had such a passion for God’s Word.  Although I never met him personally, I am grateful for Professor Stam and how much he touched Luvy.

The thing that Luvy said about Professor Stam that stands out in my mind the most was how he told Luvy that he loved to hear him play the piano and he loved making music with him.  One day, I know that Luvy and Professor Stam will be able to make music together again.

That is what is so beautiful about faith.  We can know with complete certainty that we will see our loved ones again, if they are a Christian.  Death, although we are never ready for it, is not the end of life.  In reality, it is the beginning.  Professor Stam is now really living.  Praise the Lord!

As we walked around the seminary grounds, I couldn’t help to think about how beautiful it was there.  However, tomorrow no one will reflect on the beauty of the campus but rather the beauty of a life well-lived.  I hope that can be said of all of us when our time comes.

Tomorrow, there is a memorial service held in the chapel at 2pm.  Please keep is loving wife and 3 children in your prayers.  I can’t imagine what they are feeling and going through.

Sorry for such a sad post tonight.  Special guests are coming for dinner tomorrow.

I hear that Kate from Kate plus 8 is here in town… maybe she will come by for dinner too!  (HA!)


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