Spring has Sprung

We are as they would say in East Tennessee “give plum out”.

Luvy and I (mostly Luvy) have been hard at work in our flower bed and garden.

We bought some petunias to plant in the front of the house and planted them last night.  We barely got them in the ground before it got dark!

Luvy dug the holes.  (See y’all.. he isn’t afraid to get dirty!)

I planted and covered them back up.  🙂

We make a great team!

Today, I was about to eat my arm off when I got home from work, so I headed straight for the kitchen.  The next thing I knew, this guy was tilling up our vegetable garden!  

While he did that, I made myself useful and made dinner.  🙂

I haven’t been feeling too energetic, so I’ve been giving my body a break from exercise.  It is important to listen to your body!!

It is amazing the things that we find while digging in our yard!  Luvy found a string that he dug and dug but never found the end of plus a bunch of bricks and rock!  

I swear one day we are going to find human remains and have to call up Bones and Booth!  Can you tell I have been watching WAY too much Bones lately??  It’s that lack of exercise…  🙂

Once that was done and dinner was served, it was time to do the unthinkable.

We had to trim back our petunias.  Kathy at our local greenhouse helps us with all of our plants, and she told us last year to cut back our petunias and they would get really big and pretty.  We felt so stupid cutting off all the pretty blooms, but she was right.

It doesn’t make it any easier to cut them off though.

Besides, it looks kinda silly now.  I think we both hold our breath that they come back!

Hopefully, by the end of the weekend our garden will be planted!!

Spring has definitely sprung here!!

What are some good ideas for us to put in our garden???


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