I’ve Got Wings!

Oh my gosh… I finally ran with no pain or tightness in my knee.

I feel like a whole new woman.  I love to run, and I have felt like a caged up animal not being able to run.

My doctor told me to test out my knee a week after my shot.  That should have been Monday, but Monday and Tuesday I was too exhausted to try to run.  So, I waited until tonight to test it out.

I didn’t want to put it on the blog before I did it because I didn’t want to get my hopes up too much.

I was ecstatic!!  I ran 1.25 miles.  I didn’t realize how fast I was running until I was finished.  I ran an average pace of 8:18!!  I was bookin’ it.  It just felt so good to be running again.  

I know that my neighbors must have thought I was a weirdo, because I was running with a huge goofy smile on my face.

I’m going to stretch really good tonight and ice my knee.

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow??  We shall see!


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