To Daddy

It’s official.  School has started for Luvy again.

Our (his) home office has eaten him.  I can’t bring myself to study in there.  It is depressing.  I much prefer the kitchen where there are incentives and treats (i.e.. food).  I don’t want to know all the studying that goes on behind that door.  I’m allergic.

Speaking of allergic… I don’t know what is in the air right now, but my tonsils are swollen, I can’t breathe out of my nose, and I can’t stop sneezing!  No fun.  Obviously the allergy medicine my doctor has me snorting every night isn’t cutting it!  It is only giving me nose bleeds.

Today I retried bell pepper!  I cut it out due to the massive amount of acne I was acquiring.  I looked like a prepubescent teenager.  Now that my face a cleared some, I decided to give it another go.  I didn’t have any bell peppers on hand, so I added in paprika and red pepper in my broccoli dal.

The dal was to die for, but I got a tummy ache afterward.  I ate paprika for lunch and felt fine, but after dinner I had a tummy ache.  What in the world!?!?!   I did pick up some fresh bell pepper, so I’m going to give that I go tomorrow.  We shall see.  I don’t think I can live without being able to eat peppers.  That would mean no more Thai, Indian, Mexican, Italian, or any other good food.  I especially love curry…  My life wouldn’t be the same without peppers.

I have a good friend that goes to a homeopathic doctor, and I’m considering that.  I know Caitlin’s husband is a Chinese medicine doctor and does acupuncture and such, but I don’t know much else about homeopathic medicine.  I would love for someone to enlighten me!  Gina over at The Fitnessista has gone to a homeopathic doctor and got good results from it, so maybe I should give it a shot!  I mean, what do I have to lose other than one of my 5 doctors that I currently see??  I mean really… 5??

Okay, enough of my rant.  As I told you all yesterday, today is an extremely special day.

It’s Daddy’s birthday!!!  (It’s a good thing I’m not allergic to him!)

Happy Birthday Daddy!  Thank you for your unconditional love and all the sacrifices you have made for me and Michael.  You always encouraged us to follow our dreams, and always supported us in every decision we made.

Not only is he my Daddy, but he is also one of my best friends.  Luvy and I are so blessed to have him in our lives.

We love you Daddy! 

Have any of you ever been to a homeopathic doctor?  What do you all think of them??


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