We’re Still Here

Welp, we weren’t raptured.  Either somebody was bad wrong, or something is bad wrong cause we’re still here.

We’ve been so busy that I wouldn’t mind if the Lord returned now!  Our weekend was action packed, per usual.

Saturday, we had our pancake breakfast fundraiser at church.  They raised over $1, 100 for missions!

I didn’t get to go, because I was being Cinderella and scrubbing our house down.  Luvy got some good pictures though.

That afternoon, we went to a wedding.  We got all cleaned up and joined up with some of our students.  Scott was lookin’ pretty spiffy.  We all clean up pretty well.

Notice Cox’s Smoker’s in the background… woopsy!  I find it amusing that there is a smoke shop right next to the church.

Two of our college students got married!  I love weddings!!

Now, we have Cleopatra all packed up.  I bet you were wondering why I have been scrubbing and been MIA.

We are going on vacation!!!!

See you all tomorrow night from the BEACH!!


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