Toes in the Sand

Sorry for missing you all last night!!!  I’m going crazy here.  We paid $10 a day for internet, and it doesn’t work!!  Luvy called and we got a refund, but that doesn’t solve either of our needs for the internet.  Of course, his need is for school and mine is to entertain you all!  🙂  I think my need is VERY important.  We are now sitting side by side at Starbucks working furiously on our computers.  We don’t look like nerds at all.

Since I kept you all waiting, I’ll share our happenings of yesterday. After a short visit with Luvy’s parents, we headed out at 5am to the beach!

We made a pit stop around 8:30 for some breakfast and to see where Southern Seminary was first started!  North Greenville University is a very pretty campus!

We may or may not have made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s…  🙂  Two shopping bags full later, we were on our way.  Not to the beach.. we had another pit stop to make.

The nice guy at TJ’s told us about a great fruit stand there in Greenville.  Plus, it was on our way!

The peaches and the strawberries were to die for.  We bought a basket of berries plus several peaches.  Our car smelled like berries for the rest of the trip!  

About an hour out, we stopped at a rest area for lunch.  It was almost 2 and we were hungee!  PB and banana for Luvy, sunflower butter and banana for me, and peaches for both of us!  We had peach juice running down our chins.  🙂  

After our quick lunch, we were on our way again!  You know you are in the deep south when you pass signs like this:

There are no words…

It was a race to see how fast we could change into our swim suits and hit the beach!

I love having my toes in the sand.  

I have a confession to make… I could live at the beach.  There is something calming in my soul when I’m at the beach.

We were only on the beach for a couple hours, because we had to get cleaned up for dinner.  I’m very nervous about traveling because of my tummy and food issues.  This is the hardest part about going anywhere for Luvy and I.  I have to ask so many questions, and a lot of times I can’t eat places.  It can (and does) get very embarrassing and frustrating.

I thought I had the PERFECT place picked out for us to eat last night.  Roastfish and Cornbread is a local spot here, and it is the only place I have found that has a vegetarian menu.  I like salmon and tilapia okay, but I certainly don’t want fish every night!  It is a very popular spot.  We had to wait 45 minutes to be seated.  They don’t take call ahead seating or reservations.

When we got there, I began asking questions to our very eclectic server.  She had no clue.  Poor thing.  I thought I would play it safe and just get the brown rice with grilled veggies.  Simple enough.  Well, that night they weren’t doing brown rice.  They had a oil infested white rice with sundried tomatoes.  I’m sure it would have been delicious, but as you know I can’t do oil.

I ended up getting a grilled veggie salad.  Needless to say, I was starving when I left.  This girl needs more than just a salad to fill up her tank.  

Luvy got blackened tilapia and shrimp with their soup of the day.  The soup had alligator sausage in it!  He loved his meal.  

We aren’t going to write off Roastfish and Cornbread, but I will be calling ahead to make sure that they have what is actually on their menu before going back!

Sorry again about the internet problems!  I’ll try to keep you all as updated as possible.  My blogging schedule may be a bit off this week.

*In case you all didn’t know, you can type in your e-mail addy in on the right side (I think) of my blog and hit subscribe.  This will send an e-mail to you whenever I post so that you know when I put something new up*

Check back tomorrow for today happenings.  I am going to schedule it to post around 4pm!  Hopefully it works!

Now, get off your computer and go vote for Lauren Alaina to win American Idol.  1-866-436-5702 (or 04, 06, or 08).  I’m shameless.  


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