Don’t feed Gators

What a day!!!

First of all, my tush hurts! Now, I’ll explain why. It’s a day long story so fasten your seat belts and get comfy!

Luvy and I woke up this morning around 7:45. Luvy felt much more rested today since we have finally caught up on some sleep. I on the other hand clench my teeth at night when I sleep. Last night, I forgot to wear my biteguard, or as Luvy calls it my “tooth”. (Karen- I noticed I chipped a back molar slightly!) My patients need to reprimand me for not wearing it since I always get onto them! Needless to say, I wasn’t as well rested.

Even though I was feeling lazy, we set our for a 3.5 mile run. We decided to take a different path than yesterday and make a big loop. 3.5 miles later we realized our loop wasn’t a loop at all and we were 3.5 miles away from home!!! Whoops! We ran another 1/2 mile or so then walked/ran the rest of the way. So, before breakfast we covered 7 miles!! That is more than we covered all day yesterday counting our running and our walking on the beach.

When we came in, there was no time for fixing oats, buckwheat bakes, or anything of that sort. We went straight for the cereal! I finally found a mix of cereal that keeps me slightly full.. It is a combo of plain shredded wheat, Kashi Autumn Wheat, and Kashi Go Lean. I love Go Lean because it has a ton of fiber and protein! Also in the mix was a banana and strawberries. It kept me full until lunchtime, which is hard to do! Besides, it was eaten on our lovely porch looking out at the ocean!

I got toasted yesterday, so I decided not to walk on the beach during the hot part of the day. We went out and laid by the pool for about an hour and a half. I covered up all the parts of my body that were burnt. I looked a lil ridiculous, but at least I was out and enjoying the pretty day.

After lunch, I couldn’t take anymore sun on my burnt self, so we rented bikes! Everything here is extremely biker/runner/exercise friendly. We set out for what we thought was a short bike ride. HA!

We rode through several gated communities that you can’t get into with your car. Now I know how the other half live! It was incredible some of the houses. Once we got through the gated community, we realized there wasn’t a connection to the road we needed on, so we had to do a little off-roading. Luvy was so sweet to push my bike up the big dune!

We got around by riding our bikes down the beach a bit and then going through another resort to get to the road. We are sneaks! 🙂 When we got into the resort, I about didn’t make it out. I found a friend.

If you give me a hammock, I might never leave.  You better not look to long at that picture because my white legs will blind you.

We rode through some very pretty places. I enjoyed exploring!!

Plus, we were mindful not to feed any gators. Do you really have to be told that?!?! I would pee my pants before I could think to feed a gator! Come on people!

After we got back, we had ridden 15 miles!!! My tush was (as my daddy would say) worn down to a nub!

We didn’t get in until it was time to leave for dinner. We washed up quick and decided to just go to Mellow Mushroom for dinner, since Idol came on at 8.

I think I have some bad karma following me at restaurants here. Luvy and I ordered the veggie pizza with vegan cheese on it. I asked for 1/2 of it to have very little cheese, because it hurts my tummy. When we got it, it had a TON of cheese, and we had to send it back. 45 minutes later, we get another pizza. It looked terrible, and they left 1/2 of our toppings off!

Luvy and I were both so frustrated because we had been there for an hour and a half and were starving!! They ended up giving us our pizza for free, but that didn’t help that we didn’t get what we ordered.

We had to take the yucky pizza to-go and reheat it at home. It gave us both a tummy ache.

Tomorrow night, I know we are going to have a wonderful dining experience!! I’m such a foodie, and I hate when I can’t enjoy my meals. Usually, we love Mellow Mushroom, but tonight we were both at a loss for words about how terrible it was.

On another note, did you all watch American Idol???  Are Scotty and Lauren dating???  I was more curious about their relationship to be sad that Lauren didn’t win.  I’ll still buy her CD when it comes out!  She will still be my American Idol.

I’m off to aloe my burnt body and sleep.  No telling what shenanigans we will find ourselves in tomorrow cause we have the bikes for 2 more days!  My bum may never go back to normal!

Mom’s out there…  Is it safe to be in the sun when you are burnt as long as you have sunscreen on??  My whiteness needs help!!!


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