Tropical Tuesday

I love when Luvy and I go on vacation, because we always wake up and go running.  We covered 3 glorious miles before breakfast.

Since I am still just getting back into running, I am bit unhappy with myself that 3 miles is the furthest I have run in months.  I just keep reminding myself that I’ll get back my mileage and my stamina.  I have a tendency to push myself too hard, and that is how I got hurt in the first place.

We were drenched in sweat after our run, so we showered quickly, ate breakfast, and donned the sunscreen so we could hit the beach.

I could drink tea or coffee and eat breakfast with out here every morning.  I love seeing the ocean and eating!

My doctor told me to make sure to slather on the sunscreen, because I’m sensitive to the sun.  As if I didn’t already know that I’m a lobster every time I go to the beach.  I was such a good girl.  I was constantly putting on sunscreen.  So much so that I had a hard time getting it off in the shower!!

After I got out of the shower, I noticed my back, tush, and legs felt odd.  I AM BURNT.  I have never been so diligent about sunscreen, and our first full day at the beach I’m a walking lobster.  It isn’t a terrible sunburn where I can’t go back out, but I think I’ll take it easy in the sun the rest of the week.  I have nothing to prove.  To be 25% Cherokee Indian, I’m very white.

Lunch was eaten on our porch (love it there!) and it featured our berries, peaches, and of course PB&J.  I got creative with mine and made almond butter and banana and peanut butter and berries!  

For dinner, we decided to try a place we ate while we were on our honeymoon.  It was our favorite restaurant we ate at last time.

It is called Truffles Cafe.

We got to sit outside in a very cool area.  In the front or back depending on how you look at it, there are sofas and a huge big screen TV.

Instead of going with the blackbean burger that I got last time, I decided to branch out and try the tilapia.  It was HUGE!  I had to share with Luvy.  They accommodated me and steamed some green beans and spinach.  They also cooked my tilapia without the butter and gave me some mango salsa to eat on it.  

Luvy got the mahi mahi.  Luvy didn’t like it as well as last nights, but he really liked that he had mahi mahi because it is something he never eats.  He loves to get things that he doesn’t ever eat.  Like that alligator sausage!

I thought the meal was just okay.  Maybe it would have been better if they could have prepared it the way it was supposed to be prepared.  So far, dinners for me have not been so great.  However, the atmosphere is was great.

So that is the wrap up for yesterday!

Side note:  Since I am really writing this on Tuesday night but posting it on Wednesday, I’m hoping that we will be able to find a good coffee shop to go to so that I can post Wednesday night for you all.  Starbucks here closes at 9:30.  We are sitting outside at the picnic tables and everything around it is dark and closed.  Kind of creepy to be honest.  However, we have Ms. B to watch over us.

Or as Luvy calls it our “don’t mess with me box”.  I’ll let you all figure out why.  Just a hint: I’m a 20 out of 20 kill shot.  So is Luvy.*

Tonight, we are watching the finale of American Idol.  GO LAUREN ALAINA!!  We are thinking about getting take out.  We shall see!

Here’s to hoping I didn’t get more sunburned today!!  


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