Gettin’ Fancy

I feel like Starbucks is my new office.  We officially have a table here.  Tonight, however, we got a lil crazy and switched seats!  I’m not gonna lie… I’m a creature of habit, and it feels very strange to be in the opposite seat.

Since we did all the biking, running, and walking yesterday, Luvy and I were very tired on our morning run.  We were planning on running 4.5 miles this morning, but cut it short at 3.  Good thing, because my poor legs were tired.

When I’m tired, I never regret a workout, but I have learned not to push myself when my body needs rest.

Plus, it needs its extra energy to heal my burns.  Luvy set out this morning after our run to get an umbrella and 50 SPF sunscreen for me.  I have a tendency to burn at the beach, but I have never been this bad!

Things like this drive me nuts, and so I got to thinking…  Last year, I wasn’t on the medicine I’m on now.  I looked it up thanks to my smart phone, and it causes sun sensitivity!!!  That would have been nice to know before hand!  SO, I’ve been trying to slather on the 50 and hide under my umbrella.  Unfortunately, the wind was super strong today.  Even Luvy got cold under the umbrella.

Even with the umbrella and 50 SPF, I got new burns.  My favorite are on my feet.  I have nice burns where the straps of my flip flops go???  How odd.  I guess when I wore my flip-flops to the beach it rubbed off the sunscreen in that area??

Luvy’s mother summed it up when she said “I’ve decided that if it going to happen to somebody, it’s going to happen to you, Brittany”. I am certainly an anomaly.  Guess that just makes me even more special!  😉

After not being very happy with my meals here so far, Luvy and I decided to try Fancy Q tonight.  They are a local sushi and Japanese place.  Luvy called ahead and made them aware of my food allergies.  They were more than happy to accommodate me.

We were promptly greeted and seated.  All the staff was extremely friendly.  The manager, Jason, waited on us.  He talked extensively with us about my food allergies.  I could not have the soup and roll that Luvy was served.

I thought Luvy was going to fall in the floor after eating this roll.  It was crab meat with cream cheese.  He about went to food heaven.

It’s a good thing we both know how to use chop sticks, because there wasn’t a fork in sight!

Jason first brought me seaweed salad to try, but it was way too oily.  I wish I could have eaten an entire plate of it though, because it had a wonderful sesame flavor.

Since that didn’t work, he brought me an appetizer of edamame that was sprinkled with sea salt.  These were wonderful!  For those of you who don’t know, edamame is the proper term for soy beans.  🙂  I love edamame in stir fry, and that is where most of mine ended up.  

Luvy got the Teriyaki Chicken with steamed rice.

I got the Hibachi Vegetables cooked with no oil.  The soy sauce they used was not over powering, and the veggies were cooked just right.  Not too mushy, yet not too crisp.

Jason was so concerned about my allergies that he went back to the kitchen while my food was being cooked to make sure the grill was properly cleaned and that no oil was being used!

We also got a wonderful green tea.  I think that there is such a difference between regular bagged tea and loose leaf teas.

Anyone know a good place to get loose leaf tea??  I’m sold!

Tonight’s meal was a great experience.  The food wasn’t anything crazy new or extremely different, but of course I couldn’t eat it the way it was supposed to be made.  

Everyone that went in seemed to be regulars and/or locals.  The sushi looked incredible.

I would definitely eat here again!  The only down fall was that they tried stir frying me some tofu without oil, but it didn’t work out.  I am still hungry since I didn’t get much protein with this meal or last night’s meal.

Tomorrow, I’m off to find me some good protein!

Thanks again, Jason, for an incredible experience!!

We may get a storm tomorrow, but I spotted a Loft outlet!  I’ll go ahead and say it now… OOPSY.

It would probably do me some good if it rained. I’m toasted, but I can’t stand to not be on the beach on a pretty day!!

Goodnight my loves!  I’m off to bathe in aloe!


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