Georgia On My Mind

This morning Luvy and I spent a short but sweet time with our toes in the sand.  I am missing the beach already.

In case you all were wondering which beach we were at, we were in Hilton Head.  🙂

For some level of privacy (and safety), I like to keep some things as secretive as I can.

However, I am happy to say that Luvy and I are in Savannah, GA now with his brother, Travis and his wife Stacy.  It is so nice seeing them again!!!  It has been way too long.

Travis and Stacy recently moved here from- get this- Fargo, North Dakota!!  Just a wee bit of a difference.  Stacy is a born and bred northern plains gal, so she is having some trouble adjusting to the humidity and heat.

They both have their PhD’s in mathematics, and are college professors.  They both accepted positions at Armstrong State Atlantic University here in Savannah.  

They gave us a campus tour.  It was a very pretty campus filled with lots of exotic plants.

Plus, Travis took us and showed us their office.  It is technically Travis’s office, but he shares with Stacy.  🙂

After our tour, they took us to a Thai place called the King and I.  It was delicious!!!  They made my meal without any oil.  I got Green Curry with Tofu.  It was hot and spicy, but very soothing with the coconut milk.  I ate the entire bowl!

I didn’t get any pictures with the meal, because we were enjoying each other so much.  However, none of us were displeased with our food.  It was delicious!!!

We went and picked up Rocky, Travis and Stacy’s dog, to take him on a walk.

He is the sweetest and most well behaved dog I have ever seen.  I am a cat person, but I like Rocky.

We weren’t planning on going into downtown since it was a Saturday night, but we decided to take a walk at Forsyth Park.  It took Luvy and I back to our honeymoon days.  🙂

We actually stayed in Downtown Savannah for 2 nights of our honeymoon.  We stayed a the Hamilton Turner Inn while we were there.  It is the cutest bed and breakfast.  

It was so nice to see this again.  

I’m off to enjoy the family.  Long drive back to the hills tomorrow!

I’m not ready for vacation to be over!!!  😦


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