Real World

4 states and a cracked windshield later, we are home!

Yes, Cleopatra has a crack.  😦  I about cried.  We were on our way to TN from Savannah and a rock flew up and hit the windshield.  Poor thing.  Good thing our insurance will replace it!

I certainly wasn’t ready to come back.  Going back to work today was certainly not fun!!  I’m glad that this is a short week.

Our vacation was way too short, but it was great to hang out together.  I wish every day Luvy and I got to get up, take a run, sit out and eat breakfast and drink coffee looking at the ocean, lay out and read, ride bikes, and enjoy each others company.  Unfortunately, we had to return to the “real world”.

Luvy is catching up on school and work stuff.  I’ve been grocery shopping for the essentials.  I still need to go to Whole Foods and Passafiume’s for produce.

Now, I’d better get on the laundry before it grows arms and legs, turns into a laundry monster, and eats me!

I wish that along with vacation came another vacation to recover from said vacation PLUS a maid to take care of all the cleaning, washing, shopping, and miscellaneous stuff that goes along with coming home from vacation.

Any takers???

Full recap and review of our vacation tomorrow!



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