Hilton Head Review

Sorry I didn’t post last night.  Luvy and I were exhausted, and a shower and Bones won out!  🙂  This working business is rough on a body that’s used to laying by the beach.

Even though it was not my beloved Gulf Coast, Hilton Head ended up being a great vacation.

Here is our review of Hilton Head: rated 1-5

Beach: Luv-4  Luvy– 4

I love the beach here.  It is clean, and very family friendly.  It isn’t over crowded, and people are very mindful of each other.  It is also a very wide beach and very conducive to walking or biking!  We love to walk the beach.  What kept it from being a 5 for both of us is the dunes, and you can’t walk straight out of your place and onto the beach.

Weather:  Luv– 3  Luvy– 3.5

The weather was great for everything, except for being on the beach.  It never rained, and it was perfect weather to sit outside for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  However, the wind blew very hard making it cold on the beach (especially when you are practically in your skivvies!)  Even Luvy got cold out at the beach, and that takes a lot!

Restaurants: Luv-3.5  Luvy– 4

This is what was a bummer for me on this vacation.  There aren’t many vegan friendly restaurants.  Roastfish and Cornbread would have been my favorite meal, and we would have gone back there probably if they actually had what was on their menu.  I was disappointed in their overall selection of good restaurants that offered well-balanced vegetarian/ vegan options.  However, our last two meals helped to redeem the week.  Luvy rates this a 4, because he thinks you can find anything you want.  However, I must say… he doesn’t have to deal with food allergies!  🙂

Exercise friendly: Luv-5 Luvy– 5

Hilton Head is extremely exercise friendly.  The entire island is conducive to exercise with their bike paths that can be using for biking, running, or walking.  Every morning we ran, and there were several people out exercising.  There are several places to rent bikes if running is not for you.  We rented bikes for $18 dollars a piece for 3 days.  Not bad at all!

I guess I can’t complain, because I now have a 4 day weekend waiting for me!

Stay tuned for a post on how to stay fit while on vacation, and how to travel on a budget.  Hope y’all are enjoying the warm weather! We are!!

Luvy and I are off to fight the ants in our garden.  The ants are winning right now.

Do any of you ever feel like you need a vacation to recover from vacation??  I do!


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