Berry Heaven

I have more strawberries than I know what to do with!!

My friend Jenna and I went to Huber’s Farm to pick strawberries today.  I came home with 2 huge flats of beautiful and very tasty berries!  

Tomorrow, I’m going to Whole Foods to find some natural fruit pectin to make jam!  🙂  Yummy!  That is if I don’t eat them all tonight. They almost melt in your mouth.

I completely forgot to take my camera with me to the farm, but we both worked our backs and tushes off trying to get the prettiest berries.

Today has been very productive here at our house.  Luvy worked all day and got some school work done.  I went to pick berries, got produce from Passifiume’s, cleaned the house (mopping and all!!), and Luvy and I grilled out.

Actually, Luvy is the master on the grill.  I just prepped the veggies, roasted the beets, and made cilantro- lime quinoa!

We have both decided that we like to eat tilapia at home better than out at a restaurant.  He had it on vacation at Roastfish and Cornbread, and I had it at Truffles.  Ours here is MUCH better than what either of us had out.

Today, I added in another “red” food on my LEAP diet.  I have always loved quinoa, because it is an extremely healthy grain that is packed full of protein.  So far, I feel okay.  I know I need to cut back on my soy intake.  Vacation didn’t allow for a rotation diet, so I have had wheat, soy, oats, and several other foods everyday for the past 2+ weeks.

I am feeling quite swollen and lethargic.  I know I have gained weight, which was much needed, but this seems to be water or something else.  I’m not feeling great, so after this weekend I’m going to clean up the diet a bit.  🙂

I say after this weekend, because there are a few things that I need to eat up before I change anything drastically.  🙂

Luvy and I have a leisurely Saturday morning planned.  Then, it’s back to the races!

I can’t wait for things to slow down so that I can get a little more relaxed.  I have a feeling that life is only going to get busier…  :/

Do you all tend to put too much on your plates??  I certainly do!


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