Money in My Pocket

I did it.  I killed them.

I killed our garden.  I looked online for how to organically kill our ants.  I found a couple of sites that said to mix vinegar and water and spray it on the plants.  Supposedly the ants don’t like vinegar.

Turns out, neither do my plants!  They are dying!!!

I’m hoping it wasn’t me that killed them.  We have gone now for about 2 weeks without any rain.  Our new grass that was coming up has died as well.  We are going to have to start watering our flowers and garden I’m afraid.  It is only June and we already have no rain!!!  Not good.

I hope you all enjoyed reading about our vacation as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you all!

Luvy and I love to travel, and we are able to take 2 vacations a year because we are extremely frugal people.  I have a serious problem with spending money.  I just can’t do it.  If I buy something for myself, I ALWAYS want to return it.  I can spend money on Luvy and other people, but not on myself.

I am certainly not your average girl.  Retail therapy will never be my problem.  (Instead, I make cookies and granola!)

After some brainstorming, Luvy and I thought we would share some of our tips and tricks we use to save money on vacation.

Don’t Break the Bank Vacation Tips

  • Take food from home:  pack cereals, snacks, chips, cookies, bread, oatmeal, etc.  This way you don’t have to buy these things when you get to your destination.
  • Make breakfast and lunches in your condo/hotel room:  Make simple salads, smoothies, cereal, oatmeal, sandwiches, FRUIT, veggies with hummus or dip… the possibilities are endless!!!
  • Take advantage of the local produce.  If you go to the beach, there are always local people at stands selling fruit and veggies.  Luvy and I bought peaches and strawberries for a steal on our way to the beach!
  • Go to the grocery store.  When you get there, get your milk, fruits, veggies, and other perishables.  This will keep you from wanting to go out for breakfast and lunches if you have healthy, handy stuff already at your place.
  • Instead of traveling to 2-3 different places, stay in the same place for the entire time if they offer a reduced rate for more nights.
  • Get a room with a kitchen so you can cook some dinners instead of eating out.  Even if this room or condo might cost a little extra, you will save money by cooking instead of eating out.  Luvy and I ate out every night, but we budgeted for that.
  • Get sunscreen and supplies before you go to the beach.  They tend to mark up the prices at the beach.
  • Rent a large condo and share with another couple/family
  • Be willing to compromise.  My favorite beach spot is in Florida.  However, they are still in their peak season in May.  Going to Hilton Head instead of Florida saved us a bunch of money on lodging and gas!  We still ended up having a great week together.  Sometimes, preferences have to be let go and instead focus on who you are with instead of the exact location.  No matter what beach we went to I would be with Luvy and my feet would be in the sand!
  • Plan your vacations on the “off” season.  
  • Take games, cards, soccer balls, footballs, or take walks instead of playing putt-putt, riding go-carts, renting jet skis, etc. on vacation.  

Do any of you have good tips for saving money on vacation??  I would love to hear them… then steal your ideas!  🙂  

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend.  I’m off to do a rain dance!


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