I never knew how many different types of “jam” there were.

traffic jam

log jam

body jam

door jamb

toe jam


Floor jam.

Just another one of my whoopies.  This is further proof that I am a klutz!  I break and/or burn everything!

No really, I did make a new kind of jam.  I don’t like how Suregel and other pectins sold in stores have fructose or other sugars in them already.  Even though it says they are “low sugar”, they have hidden sugars in them.  After doing some searching, I ran across Pomadoro’s pectin.

This is not activated by any sugar.  Instead it is activated by calcium water that you mix.  It was extremely easy.  All I did was mash my berries and mix in the calcium water.  Next, I brought that to a boil and mixed in the powdered pectin and the sugar.  

For sugar, I used agave nectar.  We haven’t tried it yet, so I won’t post the recipe in case it is gross!  🙂

It made very pretty jam!  I can’t wait to make a PB&J!

After making jam yesterday, Luvy and I ran a bunch of errands.  I bet you can guess where I ended up…  🙂

Whole Foods of course!  While I was in there, I got into a conversation with a worker about how to cook millet.  Remember I shared my fool proof millet recipe?  After I was finished telling her how to cook it, another lady (who I suppose was a manager) offered me a job!  HA!

Could you imagine me working for Whole Foods???  I would go broke!

Hope you all aren’t sweltering in this heat!  I can’t believe it is already so hot.  Luvy and I were going to run tonight, but it didn’t cool down until 9, and I didn’t want to run that late.  A day off never hurt anybody.  🙂

Instead of running, Luvy and I… actually Luvy… planted okra!  A family from our church has a beautiful, HUGE garden, and they are letting us plant some okra in there.  YUM!

Tomorrow, I have a BIG question for you.  I want your feedback. So, be ready!!!!!!!!


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