To Cut or Not to Cut?

Okay, so I have a big question, and I desperately need your feedback!

I’m a VERY indecisive person.  Just go out to eat with me… you will want to kill me.  You had better pick the place or else we may never eat.  I can’t ever decide, and when I do choose I always wish I had picked the other thing.  It’s a terrible problem to have.

With that said… I’ve been juggling with whether or not to cut my hair!!!  I love my long curls, but it is getting to be a bit much to handle.  

Luvy and I do a lot of traveling, and my hair takes forever to fix and dry.  I can shower and get ready in an hour, but that is an entire hour that is gone.  When I am on the mission field or with other people, I sometimes feel like my shower and “getting ready” time can be a burden.

I need something that is low maintenance, but I still need to be able to pull it back in a pony tail for work and running.

I had my hair short in high school and the beginning of college, but I was never really happy with it.  I think that is because I didn’t have a regular hair stylist that I knew and trusted like I do now.

Here is a picture from college.  I’m on the back row.  Second from the right.

Yes, I went red for a bit.  I was born a red head, it turned blonde when I was little.

In high school, my hair stylist went through a divorce.  Her sheers took it out on my head.  This is the shortest my hair has ever been.

(This is the first picture Luvy ever saw of me…  I won’t put the first one I saw of him.  It involves a band uniform and a plume!!)

So, what do you all think??  To cut or not to cut?

I have an appointment this Friday, so I have to decide…  Yikes!  I can’t decide… imagine that!


3 thoughts on “To Cut or Not to Cut?

  1. My philosophy is “its hair, it will grow back”. If you feel that it is holding back your ministry, there’s your answer! :o)

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  3. LOVE your hair in the back row college picture. Seriously, love. Love the length, the cut and even the color if you’re really in the mood for change. I do understand though- I totally overthink my hair all the time. But like Aleisia said- it does grow back. I tend to be more willing to change my color a bunch as opposed to the cut which is really kinda backwards when you think of it. Cant wait to see what you decide!

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