You wouldn’t believe it if I told ya…

I got my hair cut today!!!

I love the salon, Jill, and everything about it.  However, I didn’t have the nerve to cut it all the way off.  I did have about 3 inches taken off.  That is a lot for me!  More on that later…

Last night, Luvy had dinner ready for us when I got home from work.  Plus, his parents were here!  He made burgers, roasted potatoes, green beans, and salads.  I had black bean burgers instead.  Recipe to come on my spicy black bean burgers!  They are to die for!  Luvy loves them!!

I didn’t take pictures, because my camera was dead.  Oopsy.

Luvy and his parents met me at Whole Foods today after my hair cut.  While I waited, I had lunch.  🙂

It is so convenient to eat at their salad bar sometimes, but it can be pricey.  I always overeat there too… there are so many good things to choose from.

After that we did some damage at the mall.  (i.e. Loft)   Then we ran by the seminary real quick.  Luvy’s childhood pastor, Preacher Cope, painted the clock tower in the background of this picture when he was in seminary.  That is so neat that now Luvy is here years later!

Our next stop was Third Ave Cafe.  

You wouldn’t believe what happened to us if you were a fly on the wall.  At any moment we were waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and tell us we were being Punked!

First of all, they were extremely busy.  We got seated right away, and our server seemed very rushed and not all there.  After we ordered, within 5 minutes they brought out Luvy’s side dish.  ??? odd…  So, he politely asked for it to be served with his meal.  The server went and put it under the heat lamp in the food window.

About 30 minutes later, the manager comes up to tell me that the salad I ordered is not very popular, and they are out of it.  Just my luck.  So, I picked out another salad.  Ten minutes later, he comes back to tell me that he went to the wrong table and I was getting the last sweet potato, apple, and tofu salad.

After about 20 more minutes, the manager comes up to tell us that all our food was ready except Mary Ann’s.  Fifteen minutes later, we FINALLY get our food.  AND believe it or not, the server served Luvy that same bowl of chili!!!  We couldn’t believe it.

We asked for a fresh bowl, and they did give that to us.

My salad had tofu, but I’m still not sold that it is tofu… What do you all think??

Then, we realized that I didn’t get any salad dressing OR walnuts with my salad.  Plus, Craig didn’t get any mustard or cheese with his CHEESEburger.

The salad was not fresh (at all).  It was certainly the “last one”, and Luvy’s sandwich was nothing special.

If that wasn’t bad enough after we asked for them to consider making an adjustment to our bill price due to our wait and troubles, our waiter bent down and went on and on about how they “did get the salad out” and “in their defense” they were really busy.  He said they only have 2 cooks for everyone there and they need 3, but we DID come during their most busy time.  Like it was our fault!!!

I think there is a conspiracy for when Luvy and I go to eat.

We certainly had several laughs after the ordeal tonight.

I’m off to enjoy Craig and Mary Ann, and we are laughing (seriously…right now) about tonight’s dinner… and wondering why we left a $10 tip????


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