The Cut

I used to HATE getting my hair cut.  I never knew what was going to happen, how I was going to like it, or what it would look like until my friend April started cutting my hair.  After I moved to Kentucky and April had a baby, I had to find someone local to cut my hair.

Lucky for me, my sweet friend Leslie introduced me to Jill.  🙂  As soon as I met Jill, I knew I liked her.  She is very confident, knowledgeable, and very professional.  I knew that my search for a hairstylist was over as soon as I walked out the door.  I loved my new cut and color!

This past Tuesday, she opened her own salon!!!  I am so excited for her, and naturally, I couldn’t wait to go in and get my hair cut.

Yesterday, I got my chance!  I always go in looking like a crazy woman without my hair fixed.

I ended up being early to my appointment because I was so excited to see the new place.  I love it!

The have an area that is just for color.  It has a bar with beverages and cookies.  YUM!  Jill gave me a delicious organic red tea.  I forget what kind, but it was delicious.

I felt so pampered.  While I processed, I drank some hot Starbucks coffee.  

Next was maybe the best part.  I got my hair shampooed and a head and neck massage.  The chairs massage you while you lay there, and they are heated!  I could have let her wash my hair all day….

Then, it was to another room where I got my hair cut and styled.  After getting my hair all combed out, it never curls right there.  Jill always straightens it out for me.  When I get my hair cut is the only time I wear straight hair.  I look like a completely different person with straight hair.

Since we were running errands and going to eat with Luvy’s parents yesterday, Jill pinned my hair back so that it didn’t get yucky from the humidity.

Today after a good washing, it is back to normal.  She ended up cutting about 2.5-3 inches off.

Can you tell??  I think sometimes it’s hard to tell on long hair.

If you are looking for a great salon that is eco friendly and uses all organic products, you have to check out J Michael’s Spa and Salon!!

Every stylist in there is top notch.  I love Jill, and completely trust her.  Personally, I’m partial to her, but I would feel comfortable going to anyone in that salon.

I love the name as well.  The J stands for Jill, and Michael is her husband’s middle name!!  Isn’t that the sweetest thing????

Check out their website here.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!!


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