To the Motherland

WHEW! By the time you all read this, I will be high in the sky over the atlantic ocean!!

Sorry I have been away for a couple of days. We have been busy little bees around here.

We have been working hard to eat everything in our fridge and house! I think I have eaten enough to feed a small army this week! Plus, our garden gave me 2 HUGE bags of fresh kale this week! I am hoping that it survives while we are away.
Also, I am having to freeze my Dayia cheese since I didn’t get to finish it off before we left. The bag says it can be frozen, but we shall see if it is any good when I get back…

My busy bee self has been cleaning, mopping, freezing leftovers, eating like a mad woman, glugging almond milk (gotta finish it off!), and preparing for the big trip!

I had a HUGE bowl of cereal with fruit for breakfast to use up the milk.

Eggs with tons of veggies, toast, and fruit for lunch.

And dinner will be (was) eaten on the road to the airport.  If I eat another bite… I’ll pop.

Even with all the craziness, thanks to Adrian my toes and nails got painted!  It made me feel a little prettier.  Hopefully it will help me feel better after working all day today, flying all night, and feeling yucky when I land in London tomorrow!  Hopefully it isn’t like Peru, and my luggage actually makes it there with me!!!

Luvy is our master packer.  Thankfully, I laid out all my stuff, and he packed us both up!  Love him!!!

I’m not a light packer…  🙂

Everything is neat and tidy for my sweet house sitter.  Lots of cookies, smoothies, and dinner is in store for her when I get home!

I have wifi at the church, so I will be blogging you from the other side of the ocean this next week!!  Stay tuned.  I’m sure we are in for a week’s worth of good times.

PLUS, I get to meet my new friend, Molly, while we are over there!!  Check out her blog here.  She has some awesome looking recipes!!!

See y’all from the motherland.  Pray for us this week, and pray now for a safe flight!!


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