Why am I Still Awake???

It feels like the LONGEST DAY EVER!

Before we headed out, we took a quick group shot.

We left you all yesterday night, and we landed in London at 11am their time, which is 6am home time!  I do not sleep well on a plane, so I am going on 2 (?) hours of sleep.  However, we are bright and bushy tailed.

After an odd ride over here… I can’t get used to this driving on the wrong side of the road!  We took a quick tour of the church.  

Emma, one of the residents and church members took me to Dolce and Banana for a fresh fruit juice for lunch!   

It had carrot, beet, celery, ginger, and apple I think.  It was just what I needed!  It gave me a great boost of energy.

It strong french press coffee helped as well!

After lunch, we hung out and went grocery shopping (for me of course).

On our way home, we got caught in a rain, and got slightly off course coming back to the church.  Whoops!  It has been a cold and rainy day here in London.  Regardless, it is beautiful!  

Tonight, Emma and Lee fixed us dinner, and we just hung tight around the church.

We are now (FINALLY) off to Ms. Dot’s house to SLEEP.  I have a feeling a hot shower is in my near future!

More exciting things to come tomorrow, especially since we will have all slept!

It feels weird going to bed at 6pm EST!

*Disclaimer:  If none of this makes sense… remember I’m only going on 2 hours of sleep.*


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