Bone Lickin’ Good

I am dragging today.  Luvy and I didn’t get into bed until after midnight last night, so we had a very long 2 days.  I need some serious sleep!  Otherwise, I might embarrass myself by falling asleep in church!  Now that would be bad!!

I am in need of another one of those juices from Dolce and Banana!!  Maybe tomorrow…

Today, we did some maintenance work around the church, and went to the park to play some “football”.

Isn’t the church just beautiful?!?

Luvy offered to be the QB.  🙂

That is the oddest shaped football I have ever seen…

Little Levi even plays.  Must be a British thing..  😉

It is so much easier to eat healthy here than in the States!  I got to talk to several of the ladies about how there are so many additives to American foods that are outlawed in the UK, such as hydrogenated oils, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup!  Wouldn’t that be nice?!?!

Tonight, Martin and Kayla hosted us at their house for dinner.  They had BBQ, potato salad, beans, and a nice regular salad.

We rode the bus to Roe Hampton.  It is across the Thames River from where we are staying.  I love this area!  It was beautiful, and much quieter than Fulham, where we are now.

I always feel so awkward that I can’t eat what everyone else is eating and that I have to take my own things, but everyone here has been extremely understanding and gracious!  🙂

The food was delicious, as you can see.  I think Alex cleaned the bones on his chicken.  

There weren’t many leftovers.  Even after dessert, Nathan went back for more sausages!  I have never seen a bottomless pit like him!!

Tomorrow we have church at 10:30, and then a picnic in a park!!

Luvy and I are tired today, so we are turning it.  It is only 5:45 EST, but it is 10:45 here!

Goodnight all!  See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Bone Lickin’ Good

  1. I was worried about Alex eating but not anymore after seeing the picture in here of him knawing on something!!! lol thanks Brittany for the pictures, they are awesome. Squeeze Alex for me.

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