Wife of a Preacher Man?

Sorry for no post yesterday!  We were so busy.  Sundays are as busy in London as they are at home!!  🙂

A girl who has become a quick friend here, Emma, and I FINALLY got a picture together after church!  Good thing we were all dressed up and lookin’ good!

She is such a doll!  I’m so excited that God brought her into our lives!

A couple from the church took us for a picnic in Richmond Park after church.

Luvy got a big spread!

We walked around the park for a while after we ate.  Look at the deer that were in the park!

There was a 12-pointer in the back!  Good thing these deer are protected…

It was the perfect day for a picnic!!  It finally warmed up over here.  It got into the 80’s!  🙂  Just how I like it!!

Sunday night, I felt like I was back at FBC!  Luvy was up playing the piano for the music.  

HOWEVER, Luvy also gave the message!!!  My Luvy, a PREACHER BOY???  I would have never imagined!!  He did fantastic!  

I’m not just saying that.  He is a very good communicator.  He says he was nervous, but you couldn’t tell!!

Dean and his beautiful wife, Kris, went to dinner with us.  I wish an ocean didn’t separate us!!  Luvy and I are certainly going to miss these two when we have to leave.

We went to this very cool Thai restaurant here in Hammersmith called Thai Rice.  It has a GREAT atmosphere.  

It was delish, but the company was even better!!

That, my friends, was our Sunday.  Today was just, if not more, exciting as yesterday, but you will have to wait on that until tomorrow morning.  It is 11:00pm our time in London, and I’m pooped!

Hope to have a post up tomorrow morning for you all PLUS another tomorrow night, if possible!

Love you all and thank you for your prayers and encouragement!!  



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