Chin Wag

Today was a rainy day here in London.  Rainy days make for good working weather!

The men were hard at work painting and repairing the sanctuary ceiling.  There is no way I would be up on that contraption!  🙂  

Since only 2 people could be up working on the ceiling, we had another group hard at work laying wood floors in one of the flats (apartments).  

Laying the hardwood is difficult because there is a sticky side, and you have to make sure it all lines up perfectly before you lay it down.  

I had better stay away from this because there can’t be any “oopsies”.  You all know I’m the Queen of Oopsies!  🙂

Of course, it was all work and no play here.  We are a serious bunch.

I went into cleaning mode around the church.  The church office will never be the same (I HOPE!).

Luvy and I treated ourselves to a fresh juice today from the wonderful Dolce and Banana.

Today’s mix was apple, orange, beet, and carrot.  It was Luvy’s favorite.

This afternoon, I went over to Pastor Mike and Hannah’s house to help prepare dinner.  

I love Hannah!!  She and Mike were very gracious hosts!

She cooked me the most perfect salmon, rice, and steamed broccoli!  I ate WAY too much, but everything was wonderful!  Mike and their 4 children are very blessed to have her cook for them everyday.  I could move in… for real.

We had such a great time that we stayed until after 11pm London time!  🙂  We were quite the chatter boxes… or as they say here: we had a bit of a chin-wag!

Tonight we had to say good-bye to Eva.  She leaves us in the morning to go back to Germany!  

(We look extremely tired and rough in this pic!)

I am so thankful to have gotten to know her this week!

Tomorrow, I’m being taken to one of the Royal Gardens!!  Maybe Kate will meet me for tea.  😉



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