New Friends and (Almost) New Roof

Monday I left the boys hard at work, and travelled to Kensington.  Look what I found!!!!

It was pretty heavenly to see a Whole Foods here.  I am starting to feel at home here!  😉

My beautiful new friend, Molly, had me meet her above the Whole Foods at a very cool restaurant called SAF.  It is all vegan, healthy, and extremely good!!

We had a great conversation and great salads.  I got the detox salad- still trying to fight this jet lag.

Molly got a caesar salad!  It is so exciting to see a vegan version of caesar salad.  She said it was great.

A salad was just what the doctor ordered!  It kept me full and made me feel so much better.  I have not been eating very “healthy” since I have been here.  My lack of greens was certainly filled for the day.

I had a great time with Molly!  I’m so excited to have a new friend, and I hope we can stay in touch!  She just finished her degree from Bauman College and is now a Nutrition Consultant!  Check out her site The Particular Kitchen.  She has great nutritional advice plus several yummy recipes!  I, personally, can’t wait to get home and try out some of her recipes.  Also, I hear she is going to make a wonderful raw dessert for the 4th of July that stars cherries!!  YUM!

After we ate, we browsed Whole Foods.  It was the largest Whole Foods I had ever been into.  I thought I had died and gone to Foodie Heaven!

Thanks again Molly for a great afternoon!!!

After a great lunch date, it was back to the grind at the church.  I found these guys up on the roof working hard.

The church roof has been leaking, so we are painting the roof with aluminum sealant type stuff…  I don’t know exactly, but it is supposed to fix the problem.

Luvy was the “gooper”.  He was sealing the roof with some sort of goop stuff.  He did a great job!

I was the roof sweeper.  

At any minute I felt like Mary Poppins was going to come from the sky with her umbrella.

For dinner, we went to a lady’s house that has been attending Twynholm Baptist.  She did a huge spread of food!

Luvy and I were twinkies.  We wore our matching mission trip t-shirts!

Of course, Nathan had several empty bowls.  This guy is  a bottomless pit!  Love him!

Steve, a church member who drives a bus, took us on a bus tour of London after dinner.  It was nice seeing everything again since I hadn’t been here in 10 years!  We are going downtown walking so I’ll have pictures later this week!

Today, it is off to the races again!

Now you all are caught up for the most part!  See you all tonight with more fun adventures!


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