Covered in it..

This morning the sweet Hannah took me to Kew Gardens to roam around.  It is one of the Royal Gardens here in London.

On the way in, we found a phone booth.  I had to get a picture!

It was absolutely beautiful!!

They have a large green house that grows all kinds of exotic plants.

I have loved spending time with Hannah (and Lucy!).  I am so grateful she took the time to hang out with me!

When I got back, the men were hard at work.  We even got Pastor Mike up painting the ceiling!!

Luvy was painting the pastor’s study, and we had others working hard laying floors.

We ate dinner and then went back to it again!  Today was a LONG work day so that we can go into the city center and do the touristy thing tomorrow.

The night would not be over though without some snackage.  This is classic Nathan!  He is rubbing off on the rest!

That boy can’t even work without eating!

Hannah made “flapjacks”.  They are what we would call granola bars!

It is close to midnight here.  We are all covered in paint and ready for some Zzzz’s!

By the way, does paint come out of hair??  I sure hope so!

Sorry for the “rubbish” post.  I’m sooo sleepy!  Goodnight!


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