Taking Country to London

Today was a work morning then a playful afternoon!

We finished up the pastor’s study, the hardwood floor in the apartment, and made a good dent on fixing the ceiling.  We did get the roof patched though!!  It rained on it twice now and no leaks!  WOO-HOO!

For lunch, Luvy and I walked down to 222 Veggie Vegan Restaurant on North End Road to pick me up some lunch.  For lunch, they have a buffet.  It was amazing!!  I’m so glad to have tried it.

While I was out this morning, I enjoyed my last fresh juice from Dolce and Banana and picked up a flower for Dot.  Dot is the sweet lady who has housed Luvy and I for the week.

She is the longest serving member at Twynholm Baptist Church. She has been so sweet!

After lunch, we set out to be tourist!  The bus ride took way longer than expected.  For future reference, take the tube!

Once we got downtown, we headed to Buckingham Palace.

I think we make Buckingham Palace look just as good as William and Kate, if not better!  😉

We of course had to get a group shot!  (minus Eva–Miss you!)

You can take the kids out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the kids.  Nathan took up chasing the pigeons while we were out!

Next up, we found Big Ben.  It rang 6pm right when we got there!

I thought this was a pretty shot with London Eye in the background.

Being us country folk again, we couldn’t pass up cramming our entire team in a phone booth.


After seeing the beautiful Abby, we headed across the bridge.

I am loving traveling with others, because Luvy and I can actually get pictures together!!

We had fun being “tourist” for an afternoon.  Of course, we didn’t have time to see everything, but that is motive to come back!!

Hopefully, we will be bringing all of you back with us at some point!!  You had better get your passports ready!

Just in case you were wondering, we took the tube home!

Our plane leaves at 7:45am here (2:45EST) and lands in Chicago at 10 something.  That would be 11 EST.  We are all trying to stay awake as long as possible tonight so it isn’t so hard on our bodies to adjust to the new time.  We have all just gotten used to London time, and now it is time to leave!  I don’t think I would ever get used to the sun rising at 4:30am every morning no matter how long I’m here!!  It is crazy!

See you all back in the States!


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