There’s Something About Brittany

It’s official.  You shouldn’t travel with me.

Odd things happen to me that don’t happen to anyone else!  I have lost luggage a lot, but today I took my bad travel karma to a whole new level.

Things started out a little hairy last night when we realized the souvenir I bought was crushed along with my new oatmeal mug!  😦

Last night, Luvy and I stayed up late with Dean and Kris drinking coffee and hanging out.  We weren’t too worried about how much sleep we got, because we were planning on sleeping on the plane.  Plus, we had an extra 5 hours tacked onto our day since we were headed west….. at least that was what we thought!

We headed to Heathrow at 5:30 this morning.  When we met at the church at 5:20, the boys were still asleep!!  They threw their stuff in bags and went with bed head!

Heathrow was nuts this morning.  After waiting for about 45 minutes and never moving, we realized our flight had been CANCELLED!  

We waited in line for 4 HOURS to get up to the counter.  They had rebooked us for a Sunday flight out!!  After working with the airline for over an hour, we got rebooked coming through DC to Nashville for tomorrow night.  We wouldn’t be getting back to Louisville until 3am.  Certainly not ideal, but we will take it.

This was NOT good.  Luvy has PhD stuff going on and has to get back.  Plus, we all need to get back so that we can adjust back to EST in order to function at work come Tuesday.  Lost baggage now seems like an easy fix.  The team decided that they will never travel with me again!  John joked about booking a separate flight for me next time!  🙂

The airline did give us vouchers to eat breakfast in the airport!  I got a traditional vegetarian English breakfast.

At this point we were happy to have food.  Plus we were super excited to know that the airline was going to put us up in a hotel.  We needed rid of our terrible bed heads!

They gave us passes for the shuttle bus that would take us to our hotel.  We waited over an HOUR for the bus.  We have no idea what took so long.  It is supposed to run every 15 minutes!!  I think it got lost!  Of course, the team ragged me about that as well.  First I made a plane disappear, and now a bus!

After spending 7 hours in the airport, we made it to our hotel.  It is so nice!  It may be the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at.  

The bathrooms even have towel heaters.  I need one of those at home!

The hotel fed us lunch and dinner.  They even made me 2 special meals to make certain there was no dairy or cross contamination. The food was outstanding!

After dinner, Luvy got hard at work looking for another route home.  United ended up switching our flights!  We now have a 3 legged flight, but we are flying into Louisville!  Plus, we get in at 11pm instead of 3am!  Major improvement.

However, we now have a 5hr layover in DC and a 3hr layover in Chicago.

So who wants to be my next travel buddy??


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