For My Luvy

Today is no special day… just a Monday.  It isn’t Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, a birthday, or any special occasion.  However, YOU are extremely special and irreplaceable.  

You have been working so hard the past week or so, and I just wanted to publicly tell you how proud I am of you.

There are a million reasons why you are an incredible man and husband, but this week your determination, drive, and hard work are reminding me how blessed I am to have you.

Not everyone will put themselves in difficult and sometimes what seems like an impossible situation by choice.  You, on the other hand, knew that God had called you to do a PhD, and you never second guessed what you needed to do.

I know the work is hard and labor intensive, but you never complain.  So many times I wish that I could help you carry your load, but I can’t help with school (and you wouldn’t want me to!).  This is why God didn’t call me to do a PhD!!

I do pray for you every day.  I pray that you will be filled with energy and Godly wisdom, and I do my best to encourage you.

Plus, I love being able to take care of you during this time.  I love packing your lunch with (mostly) healthy meals and snacks.  (We won’t mention the cookies that have been making their way in there!)  I also love making you nutrient dense and brain powering meals every night for dinner!

I am so thankful that you are/were obedient to God by pursuing your PhD.  I know it is time-consuming, but I know that God will redeem this time spent.  I also am thankful for the sacrifice you are willing to make for us and our future family.  

I love you, Luvy.  I thank God for giving me such a loving and kind husband.


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