My Boyfriend’s Back

Luvy is officially done with classes for these two seminars and colloquium!

Earlier this week, I had the privilege of meeting my new friend JoLynn in person for the first time!  We have been friends on the blog, facebook, and through Luvy for a while now, but we never got the chance to actually meet until this week!  

She and Luvy have been studying and working so hard these past two weeks that I wanted to treat her to dinner at our house one night!  

Don’t they just look smart (and tired!!)?!?!  JoLynn is the only girl with 10 other guys in this program!!  Go girl!

She brought over some beautiful flowers!  I love fresh flowers.  Plus, she brought daisies… both of our favorite!!  🙂  I knew we were meant to be friends.

I tried out one of Mama Pea’s recipes on her.  I made the Zucchini Quinoa Lasagna.  It, of course, was a HUGE hit!  I loved making it too because I made the quinoa in advance, so when I got home from work all I had to do was slice the zucchinis, put it in the baking dish, and pop it in the oven!  

If you haven’t pre-ordered Mama Pea’s cookbook, you NEED to!!  She seriously has the best recipes of any food blogger I know.  Luvy, a meat lover, loves everything I make of hers.  In fact, if she didn’t live across the country, I would be afraid he would go to her house every night to eat!  You can find information about pre-ordering her book here.

Today, I had a ton of errands to run in Louisville, so Luvy met me after class to eat at Whole Foods.

Before I met up with him, I ran over to my salon, J Michael’s, to try out a new (to me) make-up.  They sell Jane Iredale makeup.  It is an all-natural mineral makeup.  I tend to break out very easily, but Jill (the owner and my wonderful stylist!) thinks this might work for me.  🙂  So, today I wore makeup for the first time in AGES!!  Here is a sneak peak…

After we got home this evening, we literally had some cleaning up to do!  Our yard had not been mowed in 4 weeks!!!!  Yikes.  We almost needed a goat!

While cleaning up, Luvy decided to knock down the bird’s nest on our front porch.  Come to find out, there were 2 babies in there!!

Don’t worry.  I put on gloves and made Luvy get the birds down while I repaired the nest.  We put the babies back in there, but they aren’t wanting to stay.  😦  I may have to call the vet tonight and find a way to save the baby birds.  I don’t want them to die.  I don’t really like birds… at all, but the babies are cute!  They are cute until they can fly and they poop on you!


I hear that today is a very special day.  I hear a sweet girl who lives across the pond turns 5 today!!

Happy Birthday Aleah!!!  We miss you so much, and we can’t wait to come see you again very soon!

Tomorrow is a BIG day.  Can anyone guess what tomorrow is????


One thought on “My Boyfriend’s Back

  1. So loved meeting you and the dinner was absolutely scrumptious. You are an absolute delight!! Also, thanks for the shout out in the blog – I’ve never been in a blog before ;).

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