That’s how many candles were on my proverbial cake today!!   It just so happens to be one of my favorite blogger’s, Kath Eats, favorite number.

I woke up to a baker’s dozen roses and the sweetest birthday card from my Luvy!  

I have been collecting cards all week.  However, when I got this one in the mail on Thursday, I realized it said not to open until Saturday.  I have been eager to open it for 2 days now!!  Just to taunt me, Luvy put it up over the doorway!

It was well worth the wait.  🙂

I felt so loved.  Luvy had (most) all my cards, gifts, and flowers out when I woke up.

For breakfast, I just HAD to have pancakes so I could use the maple syrup Freda got me!!  (Thank you Freda!!!!)

Before we left out for our special day, Luvy brought in the mail.  I had a card from my brother and sister-in-law.  It was my Christmas present!!  How hilarious that it would come on my birthday!!!

We always exchange names at Christmas, and Stacy and Travis couldn’t be in Tennessee this year.  So, they mailed me my present!  I love getting Christmas in July!  🙂  Thanks guys!!

Luvy had two great dates planned for today.  One was a field trip and the other was a dinner date.

Can you guess where we went??  Here is a hint…

Also, can you spot the new BLING Luvy bought me for my birthday?!?!

The rest of the details to come tomorrow.  Luvy rented us a movie, and I made a cobbler!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!


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