My Birthday Day

I had an amazing birthday day and weekend!!  Thanks to all of you for your birthday wishes!

If you all guessed that Luvy took me to Huber’s Farm in Indiana to pick PEACHES, then you were correct.  

We love Huber’s!  We always go several times during the year to pick strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and apples!

It was the perfect day, and the peaches were abundant!  

We picked around 50lbs!!!  My house smells like a big peach now!  🙂

Yesterday, I ate around 8 or 9 peaches, and today I’m already up to 5!  I’m going to turn into a peach!

After we picked, we picnicked there at the farm.

I had made the green bean and lentil salad earlier in the week, and that morning I threw together a cold spelt, edamame, and veggie salad.  It hit the spot!  

Although, we weren’t too hungry, because we ate while we picked!  🙂

We came home and got all cleaned up, because Luvy had one more special date planned.

He took me to Bonefish for dinner!!  He knows the keys to my heart… 

Even though I looked at the specials, I didn’t notice that they put “Happy Birthday Brittany” on there until Luvy asked me if I looked at the specials!  Isn’t that sweet?!?!

Speaking of… did you notice the new necklace I was wearing in the picture yesterday???  That was my birthday gift from Luvy!

I love it!  I never wear jewelry.  I really don’t know why, but I have never bought jewelry.  I love that it is simple and it goes with everything!  I never want to take it off!!!  He did so good!

Our night was topped off with more peaches… this time in the form of cobbler!  🙂

I was stuffed to the brim last night (and today!  hehe).  Birthdays are a good excuse to be a little naughty in the eating department!

I’m thinking that 26 is a good age…


3 thoughts on “My Birthday Day

  1. Hey Brittany! Bonefish sounded amazing! Here’s the recipe for the peach cobbler I made. With all of your peaches, you should have an awesome one! I adore fresh peaches!

    Easy Peach Cobbler

    2 sticks sweet cream butter
    2 c. Self rising flour
    2 c. Sugar
    2 c. Milk
    2-28 oz. cans peaches in heavy syrup (preferably fresh!)

    Melt 2 sticks butter in 9×13 dish in the oven @ 350 degrees. You can do this while it’s preheating. Mix together flour, milk, and sugar together with spoon. It will look lumpy. When butter is melted, take pan out of oven and pour in the mixture. The peaches go in last. If using canned, drain one can of the syrup before putting them in the dish. Use a spoon to spread them out. If using fresh peaches, just eyeball how many you’d like to have. Bake 45-55 minutes in a preheated oven. The edges need to be pretty brown. Enjoy!

    Good Luck!
    Toni Dorris

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