Weekend Recap

Sorry to leave you all hanging about our great weekend!  I have been elbows deep in peaches, blueberries, and goodies from our garden!  Here is a snapshot of our weekend.

Saturday morning Daddy, Luvy, and I went to pick blueberries!!  It was extremely special for me, because the blueberry farm is right behind the house I grew up in.  

My grandmother and I would pick gallons of blueberries every year to freeze.  I didn’t enjoy it very much then, but being there reminded me so much of her!  I wish so much that she was there to pick with us!

The bushes had grown so high.  They grew up with me!  Can you spot Luvy in there??

Most of the big pretty berries were super high.  I got the lower berries and left the high ones to Daddy and Luvy to get.  🙂

After leaving Daddy’s, we made a pit stop to see Ben, April, and Rush!

I was so excited to see them, because they are expecting another little “delight” in February!

We only stayed for a bit, because we were off to Luvy’s parents’ house to celebrate Matt coming home!  

If you remember, my brother-in-law, Matt, has been serving in Iraq.  He was safely returned home to us on Wednesday! After hearing his stories, it’s clear that the Lord had his hand of protection on Matt.

I was so excited to see my sweet baby nieces!  They had all grown so much!

McKenna is such a sweet little girl.  Every time I hear her say ‘Aunt Brittany’ it melts my heart.

We were so thankful we got to go home and hang out with family and friends this weekend.  It was refreshing!

Now I just need to find something to do with all these peaches and berries!  I’ve already got a belly ache from how much I’ve been eating!


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