A Day with Luvy and the Peas

I love a day spent just relaxing and hanging out with Luvy!

Our day started out by sleeping in!!  This hardly EVER happens in this house!  Disclaimer:  Sleeping until 8:30 is sleeping in for us!  It felt glorious.

We lounged around a bit then decided to make a Mama Pea reci”pea” for breakfast.  Since receiving her cookbook, I have been drooling all over the pages.  This morning, Luvy picked the Blueberry Muffins with Streusel Topping.  

Luvy thought they looked so good he ran out to get orange juice and apple sauce.  We go through applesauce like crazy here.

These were sinfully good.  I gorged myself of course.  Mama Pea, how are you not 200lbs???  I certainly would be if you cooked for me all the time!

Luvy had his with eggs and I made a tofu scramble (also in Mama Pea’s book!).

Today we started a new devotion together!!  🙂  More on that later…

The rest of our day consisted of running around.  We went to the local farmer’s market to pick up some local honey for our allergies.  Have any of you tried that??

We also went to Whole Foods, World Market, Taylor Trunk, and Best Buy.  We, of course, had lunch at Whole Foods.

I always get a ton of food, and I always clean my plate!

I got a whisk and zester for 19 cents at World Market!!  If you join their member’s club, they send you a free $10 gift on your birthday month.  🙂  Can’t beat that!

We did have plans to work out at the seminary gym, but we decided to be lazy today.  🙂

Now, I just got Mama Pea’s Double Chocolate Single Chin Brownies out of the oven.  

Be jealous… be very jealous!

How is y’alls weekend going??


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