Time Well Spent

I’m so very sorry to tell you that I do not have the bookclub post completely ready for tonight.

I hate when I don’t get something done that I promised!!  However, I do not regret how I spent my weekend.  Sometimes you just need to spend time with the ones you love and neglect other things… like the blog!  I think God redeems that time twice over when you neglect certain things to spend time with Him and with people you love!

Luvy and I spent our day relaxing.  AND we watched the first Harry Potter movie.  Neither of us had seen any of the Harry Potter movies.  Better 10 years late than never right?!?!

Bookclub tonight was another great night.  Not only do I impart these ladies with biblical wisdom, but I am slowly brainwashing them into Tennessee fans.  🙂

I just love the UK shirt and the TN cup.  Classy.

I think spending time with Luvy today and the extra hang out time that I had with the girls was well worth not getting my blog post up for you all.

However, it will be up tomorrow night, so I hope you all read!!  🙂

Do you all ever neglect housework, e-mails, or anything to spend time with loved ones??  Isn’t it well worth it?!?!


One thought on “Time Well Spent

  1. To answer your question: YEA! I just gave up sleeping to hang out with some girls until 5:30am. It was awesome and worth it.

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