Sex and The City Uncovered: Chapter 1

Sorry I didn’t get this posted last night.  I don’t like posting something that has just been “thrown together” for the sake of posting.

First of all, I want to say that I love my college and young adult girls.  I love how open and honest they are with me about their life situations.  What is the Christian life if we can’t live it together and share things with one another?  That is what God intends for us to do!

Marian Jordan does a great job of creating an atmosphere for discussion and deep soul searching through her book, Sex and the City Uncovered.

Sounds provocative right??  I’ve had a couple of my girls tell me that they would not be allowed to have this book in their dormitories at their Christian school because of the title!  However, it is an amazing book that looks at the show Sex and the City to show us how we (written to women.. sorry guys!) are searching for love, but most of us are searching in the wrong places.

Let’s start with Chapter one for tonight… shall we?

Marian starts the book by sharing a part of her testimony.  She tells how when she entered college she ended up sleeping with a guy to earn his “love”.  They ended up breaking up after a very short time.  She tells how after that, she immersed herself into the college party scene.  This was full of hook-ups and booze…lots of booze.  The booze was used to numb her pain.

After college she moved to a big city.  At the same time, HBO released the new hit show, Sex in the City.  As a single and independent woman, Marian began to see these women almost as role models.  Everyone in the city was emulating Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte.


Marian states on page 10, “Sex and the City became the show that defined life for modern single girls.  It brought a whole new paradigm as to how women could live outside of the stereotypical roles of wives and mothers.”  This is night and day as to what Biblical womanhood is.  Sex and the City made it seem oppressive that women were created differently than men.  They (Sex and the City) said that women can do anything that men could do, especially have sex like a man.  They say that women can have sex without strings attached just like a man.  Sex certainly isn’t considered sacred or holy like God intended it to be.  To them, it was just a biological function.  They also advocate that women certainly don’t NEED a man!  All they need are their girlfriends, a successful career, and lots of shoes to be happy and fulfilled.  But is this true???

As you watch Sex in the City, you see that they glorify their singleness and their ability to lure men.  These women used their sexuality in a very powerful but unhealthy way.  Maybe this is why so many girls/women feel like they have to be “sexy” and seductive towards men.  Maybe this is why stores are selling push-up bras to 10 and 11 year old girls?!?

Marian tells us that living this Sex and the City lifestyle did not make her happy, instead it made her bitter and hard.  I love this quote from page 12!  Marian states,” One can only give her soul away so many times before she begins putting up defensive armor against the pain.”  This is so very true!!  Not only does it stand true for giving away yourself sexually, but it also encompasses feeling used, abused, abandoned, and the list could go on and on….

Marian ends up telling us how she agreed to go to church with a friend.  She had grown up in church, so this was not something she was exactly excited to do.  However, this time it was different.  This time, she met Jesus.  Her emptiness was filled that night.  The things she was searching for and the thirst she felt was quenched.  Before then, the more things she tried to fill her soul with, the more she felt dissatisfied.  Now, she finally felt the peace she was searching for.

Marian sums it up by saying, “The reason these substitutes didn’t satisfy is because my soul wasn’t aching for alcohol or a man; my soul was aching for God.”

What does the world tell women today about what is successful?

All of us feel like we are searching at times.  What the world tell us to fill up with?

What are we filling our hearts with??

Blaise Pascal said, “There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by and created thing, but only by God Himself.”

What are you filling your heart with?  Are you looking to God for your purpose and meaning, or are you living according to the world’s standards?

I’m ashamed to say that most, if not all, of us fill our hearts with relationships or earthly possessions more than God at some point or another.


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