Passing the Torch

As of yesterday, I passed the birthday torch off to Luvy.  I carry it all the way through July.  Now since August is here, it is his turn!

His birthday is one week from today.  However, amazon didn’t get the memo and his birthday present arrived TODAY!

A popcorn popper!!  

Okay so, that was for me…  Luvy won’t eat popcorn, because it makes him have to floss his teeth.  :/  He says that flossing “makes his teeth feel violated”.  I make him floss anyway.

Maybe I ordered the popcorn machine so that we would eat more popcorn, thus making him use more floss….Maybe this is the sneaky dental hygienist coming out in me?!?!  Actually, I just love fresh popcorn, and the Florence’s gave me some home-grown strawberry popcorn.  YUMMY!

Okay, on the his REAL gift.

Luvy has been teaching classes at the seminary, and he is forever carrying his backpack with him.

Backpack + shirt and tie = not cool

So, I ordered him a really nice Kenneth Cole messenger bag!  It is nice enough for dress clothes, yet casual enough for everyday use. 

Luvy showed his love by throwing the stuffing at me…  

He loves his bag!  I know he will look great carrying it.  Back off ladies.

Weekend agenda: take him to Davis Jewelers and get wedding band cleaned and shined.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a great recipe on how to use a bunch of those summer tomatoes you might be getting out of your gardens!!



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