Wanna-be Peas

Today, Luvy headed off this morning in style!  

I think he makes that bag look good.  🙂

I have discovered that we are slowly turning into the Wanna-be Pea house.  Mama Pea has become a household name around here.  We talk about her like she is an old friend…  🙂

Luvy sure thinks Mama Pea “knows her stuff”.  🙂  I just love that we are eating great, filling vegan meals that are super healthy.

Since it was my late night tonight, you know what that means… Luvy is in charge of dinner.

I came home to this:

Mama Pea’s Spicy African Peanut Soup!

Talk about delicious.  Luvy wanted to eat it right out of the crock pot.  

He wasn’t too up on sharing.  He threatened to attack me with it, but he quickly realized it wasn’t worth it to sacrifice the soup. 

We ate in silence.  Our tongues and mouths were way too busy to talk.

This is the second time I have made this soup, and it was even better this time.

Luvy made a GLORIOUS meal!!  Maybe I need more late nights???

Since it is his birthday weekend, I asked him what dessert he wanted me to make… can you guess what he requested??

All I can say is Mama Pea….

I may start getting jealous over here…  😉

Tomorrow night we have dinner guests coming over.  They are meat eaters… maybe I need Mama Pea to come over and change their minds????


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