Dinner and a Hot Date

I love entertaining!

I am certainly not your ‘center of attention’ or ‘life of the party’ type of girl.  I am MUCH more comfortable at home with my Luvy and a good movie, but I LOVE when we can have over a couple of friends.  Last night was perfect.  Just a couple of friends, great food, and great conversation!

Jason and Kayla came over last night for burgers.  Since I am not a meat eater, Luvy rarely gets to make burgers unless we have someone over.  

I made myself some black bean burgers, and they were glorious!

I didn’t take pictures of dinner or the food, because it wasn’t that kind of night.  🙂

However, I did take plenty of pictures.  I put the camera on auto to take a group pic.  Testing…

and again… These boys are nerds.

Finally!  We are a good-looking group.

After dinner, we had Mama Pea’s famous brownies with ice cream.  (Coconut Ice Cream here!)

Luvy and I turned in asap, because today we had a hot date.  🙂

Since his birthday is on Tuesday, I took him out today to celebrate.  Don’t worry.  I’ll still make something super special for his birthday.

First, we went to Still Spinnin this morning for an hour long, sweaty, and glorious spin class.  This class started at 8:15!  We had to get up early, but it was SO worth it.  We both left dripping wet.

I highly recommend Still Spinnin.  Their classes are only $5!

After spin, we took quick showers at the seminary and headed out for breakfast.  Luvy has been wanting to go to breakfast for a while now, so that’s what we did for his birthday.  

Our favorite breakfast spot in Louisville is, hands down, North End Cafe.

I got the vegetarian omelet with egg whites and no cheese.  I asked for 3 egg whites… I don’t think they listened.  This baby was HUGE!  I didn’t eat the homefries, because they were way too greasy.  The sweet server brought me more fruit instead.

Luvy got the Hearty Breakfast.  Whoa.  Don’t worry, he didn’t eat it all!  I came with 1 huge pancake, 3 eggs, choice of bread, grits (subbed fruit), homefries, bacon, and sausage!  He ate the pancake, bacon, fruit, and the eggs.  The rest we brought home!

For $20 we got 4 breakfasts!  Not bad…

We have laid low all day.  To be honest… our legs feel like jello from spin!  🙂

Hope y’all are having a fantastic weekend!!



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