There is cause for celebration here at the house!!!

A while ago, Luvy sent in a proposal to present at the NAPCE conference that is being held this fall.  NAPCE stands for North American Professors of Christian Education.  It is a national society of Christian higher education professors.

One of Luvy’s professors told him that 90% of the applicants that apply are turned down to present.  When he submitted his proposal he was told that he would hear something by August 15th.  Yesterday, Luvy got an e-mail.

The first word (if you can’t make it out) says CONTGRATULATIONS!!!  Luvy was selected!!

I’m so proud of him.  I have been telling everyone about it…even my patients… If they didn’t think it already, they definitely think I’m weird now.

It is amazing to me how God works.  Luvy has been working so hard on his PhD, and we both know that God has called him to this and to higher education.  This is just further confirmation that we are right where the Lord wants us.  (please remind me of this when he is face first in his books here in a couple of months!!)

To celebrate, we watched the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.  🙂  We have gone through these fast!  I think this weekend we might continue our celebration by going to see part 2 in the theaters!

I also made Indian tonight to celebrate!!  We both LOVE Indian food, but I have a hard time eating it at restaurants because of all the oil they use.  Besides, I’m not always certain that they do it without the ghee (butter) even though I ask them not to.

I found this recipe when I was searching for a way to use up the eggplants from our garden.  It was wonderful!  The recipe was for Vegan Indian Eggplant with Lentils.  

It looks more like the traditional Indian that I get in restaurants compared to other Indian dishes I have made in the past.  The only changes that I made was that I used about 1 tsp of pepper instead of 1/2 tsp.  Even still, I wish it had been much more spicy!

Luvy and I both ate 3 big bowls.  It says that it will feed 6-8 people.  Obviously, those people don’t live in this house.  It would feed us about 1.5 times.  Enough for our dinner plus we may both get lunch out of it.

We are big eaters around here!  🙂

Do you all have anything you are celebrating in your lives right now??


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