Nutrition 101 Part 1

It’s over..  Last night Luvy and I saw the last Harry Potter movie at the theater!  


I felt like we were dating again!!  🙂  We never go to the movies anymore.  I think we need to make going to the movies a more frequent occasion.  We used to see movies a lot during our dating years.

I loved the ending…  I won’t tell you how it ended, because I don’t want to ruin it for you all who are smart and thrifty and are waiting for it to come out on Redbox.  We had a gift card, so it was even better!!

I meant to post this last night, but I went to the movies with Luvy instead.  I’m sure y’all understand.

My sweet friend, Mary, did a guest post for me on nutrition.   Many of you ask me questions on how to eat healthier/better, so I asked Mary to write this considering she is a registered dietician!  Plus she is a great friend…  double score for me!  🙂

She is so sweet that she wrote a 4 page guideline!!  I am going to break it up into 2 posts.  This way it isn’t information overload.  Ya know what I mean???  (Besides…I have a short attention span!)  We will also be discussing more of what Mary says in the future.

PLEASE remember that these are just suggestions- not RULES.  We can’t live in a bubble or eat “perfect”.  Who would want to do that anyway???  (Not me…  pass the (non-dairy) chocolate chip cookies!)  Of course, I will be sticking in my two-cents in orange.


Hey everyone! My name is Mary and I blog over at Mary in Marriedland. ( I am a friend of Brittany’s and a Registered Dietitian. She graciously asked me to do a guest post on nutrition. I am so happy to do it! This is where my passion lies… besides my relationship with Jesus, my husband, and photography. =)

So, let’s talk nutrition.

Our “American diet” is all about extremes. We have too much and eat way too much. We also have all the wrong things! This has led to a nation full of sick and depressed people. This “American Diet” is made up of sugar, commercial salt, damaged fats, and processed and artificial “foods”. The long-term effects lead to a weakened immune system, which then leads to poor health, and damage to organs. The end result= disease. We only have one life to live so we need to try our best to live it to its fullest. Nutrition helps to boost our energy and outlook on life as well as decreasing the risk factors of disease. I believe that we are all responsible for doing our part. Will we be perfect? No. Life is not perfect. We can aim to get better and better though.

Let’s start with the bad stuff.

1. Sugar is a poison. It’s true. It’s also addictive… as we all know. Sugar wreaks havoc on our bodies- causing many problems including diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It also keeps us locked in a prison of addiction and leads to poor weight control. That’s pretty much everything we want to avoid these days, correct? Then why are we consuming OUT OF CONTROL amounts of sugar? When too much is consumed it gets stored as fat. We need to eliminate sugar from our diets. This includes refined grains and sugar. Fruits also contain natural sugar but have the same effect on our bodies if eaten in large quantities. Fruit consumption must be eaten in the proper quantities. Eliminating sugar is possible. It’s a journey that everyone must take. (Brittany here)  I eat probably too much sugar.  🙂  However, the only sugar that I moderate in my diet is refined sugars i.e. granulated sugars (brown and white) and sweets/candy.  I do a lot of natural sugars such as fruit, honey, maple syrup, stevia, agave nectar, and sorghum.  For a the times that I need a granulated sugar, I go for natural, raw sugar or succant.  I figure that if God made it, I can enjoy it in moderation!  I used to have a HUGE sweet tooth, but now I find things to be too sweet. Your taste buds will change.  Besides, if you cut back on sugar and candy… you will have less cavities!  

2. Commercial salt is processed salt. It is heated to very high temperatures and has many additives… which leads to toxicity. Try adding more seasonings to your foods to cut back on salt.  I use lots of garlic, lemon juice, herbs, cumin, paprika, pepper, ginger… you get the picture.  Also, when you do use salt opt for sea salt.

3. Damaged fats such as trans fats (hydrogenated liquid oils), vegetables oils, and even the claimed “healthy” canola oil cause oxidation and the formation of free radicals in the body. Damaged fats also lead to a weakened immune system- leading to disease. Damaged fats must be eliminated from the diet.  Oils that I use for cooking are coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, and olive oil.  However, I recently learned that olive oil should never be baked, fried, or heated at a high temperature.  It is a great salad dressing oil, but when heated it goes rancid…. Yummy.  This will cause free radicals (things that have been shown to cause cancer). 

4. Processed foods (which are the majority of foods eaten on the SAD diet “Standard American Diet”) are foods that have been stripped of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. They are then replaced with artificial or fake ingredients. These are food additives, stabilizers, colors, flavorings, and preservatives. Stick with real food taken from nature as God made it.  One rule that I use when shopping is to not buy anything with ingredients that I can’t pronounce.  This helps me to buy “real” food.  If you need healthy soups or frozen meals try out Amy’s brand.  This can be found at the health food section of your local grocery store.  Also, anyone that works as Whole Foods, Earth Fare, or Trader Joe’s would be happy to assist you to find quick meals to meet your needs.

5. We need to eliminate the following as well.

  • Growth hormones are often added to our meat and dairy products to help produce products at a faster rate. These increase the risk of certain cancers.
  • There is also the danger of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These are typically plants that have been modified in a laboratory to increase resistance to herbicides and other traits. A food found in nature in perfect form (containing all the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to sustain life) has no business being in a laboratory.
Try to use organic milk if possible.  It is much more expensive, I know, but it is worth it.  You can also check with your local grocer to find out if growth hormones are added to their milk.  Knowledge is power.  The foods that we need to be aware of that might be genetically modified are soy, wheat, and corn.  If it doesn’t say non-GMO on the package, it probably is genetically modified.  What doe that mean for us?  It has been altered so that it isn’t what our bodies would recognize as “corn” or fill in the blank.  Just like how some of our cells can mutate and turn into cancer or other things, every plant also has a DNA.  This DNA has been modified to resist certain things and it is therefore not “natural”.
Like I said before, these are just guidelines.  Do Luvy and I live this perfectly??  Absolutely not.
We are concerned with our health, however it will not be our God.  Our bodies are wasting away anyway.  We just take care of them the best we can.  However, we do want to take care of the bodies that God has blessed us with and feed them well.  Food is our fuel and it can help or hurt us.
Tuesday, I will be posting the second half of this.  After this, you might be a little overwhelmed, so next time we will be discussing what to eat.  Food shouldn’t be about what you “can’t have”.  That just makes you want it more!  🙂
Please feel free to leave messages with questions or comments.  Or e-mail me at!
I would love to have feedback from you all!!

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