Spinnin’ Fast

Where did this weekend go??

I sucked it up, put my big girl britches on, and went to the knee doctor on Friday.  This time, I had to see a different doctor, because my old doctor doesn’t see patients on Fridays.

Lucky for me, I like my new doctor MUCH better!  He was extremely thorough.  He said that my IT bands are definitely tight.  He said that he wanted to get an MRI on my knee to just make sure there isn’t a tear or anything.

So, Friday afternoon, I got my very first MRI.  That machine sounds like machine guns are going off.  They said people fall asleep during them.  I have no clue how!

Now, I just have to wait 2 weeks to find out the results.

My knee feels completely fine now.  It is only when I run that it hurts.  Since spinning doesn’t hurt, we took our friends Briana and Nate to our favorite spin place, Still Spinnin.

Class was at 8:15 this morning.  It was a gloriously hot and sweaty ride.  Just what the body needed!

After, Luvy and I ran errands in Louisville.  After that good workout, we needed food.  Somehow, we ended up at North End Cafe.  🙂 Since we would be running errands all morning and afternoon, we took showers at the seminary first.  (That way we didn’t stink everyone out!)

I got a side of oatmeal, fruit, and the vegan taco.  All food was devoured.  Luvy helped me a little bit on the taco.  We both got coffee today since today is the end of our “detox”.  Decaf for me!  

Look at the inside of that taco.  It was heaven.

I was in Taco Heaven.

Tonight, we did house work and we are now hanging out on the couch.

This has been one busy weekend so far!  Why is it that my 3 days off go so much faster than 3 work days??

Be looking this week for a spotlight on Steve and Still Spinnin!  He so graciously agreed to do an interview for all of you readers out there!


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