The Knight with a Shiny Spatula

Things have been busy around here, and it is only the start of my school semester!

I just realized that I have neglected my recipe page for a WHILE.  I’ll get on that this weekend…  😦  Sorry y’all!

My class this semester is a long 2 1/2 hours.  It isn’t so bad, however, because it is a nutrition based class.  Right up my alley… right?!?  I absolutely love it!  I can proudly say that I can sit through the entire class and my eyelids never get heavy.  Such an accomplishment for me!

By the time I get home at 7:45, I’m ravenous!  My handsome prince whipped up a quick, delicious, and brain fueling meal for us.  Seeing Luvy in the kitchen makes my little heart flutter.  🙂

He whipped up a great Tex-Mex meal.  Ready in less than 30 minutes!  Boo-ya!

  • Millet (we had leftovers) or you could use any grain here- quinoa, rice, etc.  We kept it gluten-free.
  • black beans cooked with cumin, salt, and pepper
  • stir fried veggies- bell pepper, onion, corn, okra, and broccoli with chili powder

Kroger has the best frozen veggies.  They have a pack of frozen bell pepper with onions for the times (like tonight) when you are in a mad dash.  All of our veggies were frozen, except the okras.  Those babies are from our friends’ garden.  YUMMY!

Pile it all in a bowl over some freshly chopped greens.  Top with salsa, fresh cilantro, cheese, corn chips, and guacamole!  I had a fresh avocado, but I forgot about it until the meal was over!  Big bummer.

I ate 3 big bowls and 1/3 of a large mason jar of my Daddy’s salsa.  Working my brain worked me up an appetite!

Luvy was definitely my knight in shining armor tonight!  Happy belly = Happy Brittany.

What is your favorite throw together meal?



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