Runnin’ Away

Luvy and I have been MIA.  We packed our bags and ran away… straight to the hills of Tennessee!

We are taking advantage of this long weekend, and I hope you all are too.  I won’t be blogging as regular, because I want to spend as much time as I can with our family.  Sometimes we need to let some things go and focus on what REALLY matters.  Agree?

Yesterday, I got to hang out with Stacey, Stacey’s mom, Dave, and Aiden!  He looks SO much better.  Stacey said he has much more energy and is playing and eating well now.  Praise the Lord!  Keep praying guys.  I know he can beat this!  Continue to pray for strength for Stacey and Dave as well.

It was such a blessing that he got to be home to celebrate his 1st birthday!  Happy Birthday, Aiden!!  I didn’t take the camera, so I don’t have any pictures.  😦

Last night, we hung out with Luvy’s parents.  We gave Luvy’s dad his birthday present, went to dinner, and went for a walk at the park.

On our walk, Mary Ann ran across some persimmons.  We decided that we would try these out.  

We weren’t exactly sure what we were getting into, but they ended up being very sweet.  Almost like an apricot??  Leave it to us Tennessee gals to try wild fruit.

We also got to hang out with Ben, April, and Jeff & Linda (Ben’s parents).  Ben and April are expecting in February… they find out soon if it is a boy or girl!!  🙂

Today, we got the entire family together!  This usually never happens unless it is either Christmas or Thanksgiving!  What a blessing!  Of course, ORANGE was well represented today.

Luvy and I forgot our orange.  We were in such a hurry to pack up and leave!  

Daniel, our nephew, serenaded us on the guitar.  He is going to be the next Eric Clapton.  😉

He is only 11, and he is much taller than me already!  

I decided to take matters in my own hands.  Us southern girls wear heels and big hair for a reason!  😉

We are now riding out a thunderstorm that is holding up the UT game.

Have a great weekend y’all…. GO VOLS!


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