Labor Day

There is no place like home… There is no place like home.  (imagine me standing clicking my heels)  There is no place like home.

I love when Luvy and I can go home to East Tennessee.  We haven’t had a relaxing weekend like this one in a very long time.  We had 4 glorious days with our family.  We put technology away (for the most part) and just enjoyed one another.

Of course, we didn’t get to see everyone we wanted, but we did get to see most.

Saturday night we made our way to my daddy’s house.  I think I am one of the luckiest girls in the world, because I got to spend Sunday morning with 3 of my favorite men!

Daddy, Luvy, and I went to church with my papaw!!  It took me back to my country roots.  This preacher was WILD.  There was plenty of shoutin’.  At one point, the preacher was standing on the front pew.  I’m glad we were back row Baptists!  🙂  My dad is easily unnerved, so his nerves were “shot” by the time we left!  LOL!  

Notice it’s on a gravel drive.  Country right???

At church, I ran into an old friend of mine, Jessica!  It was so nice to see her!!  (Hey Jessica!!)

We came home and ate leftovers from Daddy’s infamous dove hunt cookout.  There was my family’s secret recipe of pork BBQ, honey baked beans, and green beans.  I ate some tofu BBQ.  It was delish!  I love our BBQ sauce.  If you are lucky, maybe one day I’ll make it for you.  You will never get the recipe from me though!  😉

After lunch, we got to work.  Daddy agreed to make me some hot salsa so that I could learn the recipe.  My dad and I should open a restaurant!  He would be in charge of the salsa and meats.  Leave the veggies, vegan meals, and desserts to me!   

After lots of chopping, we got the salsa on to boil.  This stuff ended up being super HOT!

Since the hard work was done, look who decided to show up!  It was Dawn’s birthday on Saturday, so her and my brother were in.  Happy Birthday, Dawn!!  

I think my brother and I are starting to look more alike.  What do you all think??

He is so strong.  He picked me up with one arm.

After the canning was done, we settled in and listened to the rain.

It rained and poured all night and day.  Luvy and I had a time getting home on Monday because of the weather.  It rained on us 90% of the way.

Even though the trip back wasn’t stellar, the rest of the weekend was amazing!  I already miss everyone.  The next time we will all be together will be at my cousin’s wedding!!

How was y’alls Labor Day weekend?  


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